I created this group for one reason and one reason only. That’s right you guessed it ( open contact ). I’m gathering a special team of light workers star beings, star seeds, crystal, indigo , etc. I’ve been in contact ever since I’ve awoken and reached out to my team 2 years ago. I’m a light warrior, star seed/ contactie here on a mission. We need your love, open mind, and pure hart to meet our galactic family of light half way, you are reading this is by no accident. We welcome all brave earth volunteers and those who are simply curious. Our mission is to aid and assist mother Gaia in her transformation, her aliment with the 5D and rejoining our collective with the Galactic interstellar alliance of worlds. Your galactic family awaits!. Join us brave ones as we drawl near event, the completion of the galactic connection and earths liberation. Through our victories, trials and tribulations we assist in the collective ascension. So ( communicate to ever sentient being you encounter you are not alone we are in this together you are loved. ) W e are with you and take you and this seriously.
In the oneness, love and light of the infinite creation of all that is… Namaste